InService CM

The InService module extends the InSync system to include asset tracking and As-Built (aka As-Deployed or As-Delivered) and As-Maintained bills of material (BOM). This includes the ability to quickly find all instances of a given part, including the top level assemblies they are used in (if deployed). The history and maintenance of specific parts can also be maintained in this module. Multi-level BOMs can be compared within and across life cycle stages to easily identify any differences in their respective parts lists.

Integration Toolkit for InSync

With the Integration Toolkit (ITK), sharing data has never been easier for InSync users. ITK integrates other applications with InSync software, moving and updating predefined product data. Repetitive data processing can be streamlined, eliminating the need for constant duplication and time-consuming data entry. ITK ensures that the data you need is available throughout various applications, while strictly maintaining all system and data security.

STEP Data Exchange and InSync

STEP Data Exchange

Today's manufacturers are faced with a growing number of opportunities to collaborate on design and out source manufacturing projects with other organizations. As important and beneficial as collaboration can be, there is usually a problem when different design and manufacturing organizations need to communicate information. Collaborative projects become less efficient when you are unable to effectively exchange design or manufacturing information within a supplier chain.

Industry and government have joined forces to accelerate the development of exchange standards that improve quality and efficiency. In the area of exchanging product data, for instance, the ISO 10303, or STEP standard (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data), provides a complete description of the product throughout its life cycle. PDES (Product Data Exchange using STEP), Inc., a U.S.-based consortium, works to implement STEP technology through various application protocols, or APs. As a prior member of PDES, Inc., ISS has participated in the evolution of AP 203, an application protocol for the configuration control of 3D mechanical design data; AP 232, and application protocol for technical data packaging/packages; PDM Schema, a harmonized model of PDM data exchange requirements form a range of STEP application protocols, and other PDM/CM related modules; as well as the evolving Product Life Cycle Support modules.

InSync's STEP Data Exchange

In conjunction with these efforts, ISS offers PDM Schema and AP 232 compliant data exchange modules for InSync. As critical data flows between prime and subcontractors, STEP Data Exchange facilitates the exchange of configuration and product data between InSync and other CM, PDM, and CAD systems through a common file exchange format, referred to as Part 21. InSync's modular design may be used as a local repository and/or exchange server for product design, as a work group application or as a broader, enterprise-wide solution, permitting flexible data exchange among partners.

STEP Data Exchange will help your organization

  • Seamlessly exchange data from drawing-based and parts-based product structure definitions, engineering change requests and change order data, as well as other applicable data defined in the bills of material.
  • Maintain strict data and application security.
  • Improve data integrity through the identification of data exchange problems between partners with sophisticated error handling tools.
  • Facilitate design analysis via comprehensive data listings and exchange reports.

InSync's STEP Data Exchange package is the most comprehensive tool available for the exchange of data defined in AP 232 or PDM Schema format. ISS works closely with participating members of PDES, Inc. and has deployed numerous STEP Data Exchange solutions within the supply chains of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

Tailoring Kit

InSync is designed to provide the powerful CM/PLM functionality needed to fulfill the bulk of your company's requirements, in an off-the-shelf fashion. But, because most companies have unique requirements, ISS offers the Tailoring Kit for use with the InSync product.

With the Tailoring Kit, you can customize InSync to provide the information you need in the format you can best use. Existing data edits can be modified, and you can also add new data elements and full data tables to the InSync data model. And, best of all, all of the tailoring is completely preserved whenever you upgrade to a new version of InSync.