Training is Fundamental to Your Success

"The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is not to train them, and they stay."
- Zig Ziglar

Integrated Support Systems, Inc. (ISS) understands the importance of training to be effective at your job. Since its inception over 30 years ago, ISS has delivered comprehensive training solutions to complement its software products.

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US Training Dates
March 2018
5-9 Supportability Analysis
12-16 Using SLICwave
20-22 Provisioning: Concepts, Analysis, and Techniques
April 2018
10-12 SLICwave/0007
17-19 SLICwave System Administrator
Europe Training Dates
Mars 2018
5-9 Analyse du soutien (MIL-STD-1388-2B, LMI, GEIA-STD-0007)
26-30 Utilisation de SLICwave
Septembre 2018
17-21 Analyse du soutien (MIL-STD-1388-2B,LMI,GEIA-STD-0007)
Octobre 2018
8-12 Utilisation de SLIcwave

ISS Training

Properly trained personnel are critical to the success of every project. It becomes especially important on projects with strict budgetary concerns, limited resources, and changing requirements. Our training will increase your knowledge and effectivity on the job. Furthermore, ISS offers programs that deal with system optimization and maintenance, as well as courses focusing on the underlying functional processes behind the software.

ISS training courses are developed and delivered by the same experts who build and support ISS products. Each course is designed to provide a balance of lecture, practical exercises, and discussion. Regularly scheduled courses are available at our facility near Clemson, South Carolina, USA, or they can be scheduled for on-site delivery at the location of your choice. Furthermore, for our international customers, regularly scheduled training courses and on-site training may be scheduled through ISS Europe.

In addition to training in how to use ISS software products such as SLICwave and InSync, ISS offers numerous courses in the underlying processes on which the software is based. ISS classes in Supportability Analysis, Provisioning, FMECA and RCM, Configuration Management, etc., are attended by students from around the world who are looking to better understand the principles on which their jobs are based.