Bringing Training to Customers Around the World

You may be challenged with the need to train a large part of your company's user group, and it may not be time or cost effective to send them all to another location.

ISS onsite training offers you the opportunity to train up to ten people at the location of your choice for a single standard price, plus instructor travel expenses. ISS offers all of its 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day classes with an onsite option. If you would like to run two courses consecutively, we can do that, too.

Standard onsite training pricing covers the delivery of the training course, plus printing and shipping of all course materials to your location. Instructor expenses (including per diem, airfare, hotel, etc.) are billed separately upon completion of the course. It is suggested that customers schedule onsite training at least 30 days from the prospective course date.

For more information on how to schedule an onsite training course, contact ISS at, or at 1-800-528-9185 (U.S. and Canada). We can also be reached (864) 654-1284.

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