Training Courses

InSync is a complete product lifecycle management (PLM) solution with a core of sound configuration management concepts. To capitalize on InSync's open, flexible, and easy-to-use system, take advantage of ISS's InSync Training Courses.

Configuration Management Boot Camp

Course length: 5 days

The Configuration Management (CM) Boot Camp is a comprehensive, five-day training course that familiarizes and educates professionals involved with a product's life cycle in the principles and benefits of using CM.

The CM Boot Camp's powerful instructional format includes:

  • CM principles, methods, and techniques
  • Basic program management skills
  • Hands-on implementation of CM practices using InSync, and
  • InSync user skill development and software installation

InSync System Administrator

Course length: 3 days

ISS's InSync System Administrator training course familiarizes individuals responsible for functional and system administration with the processes of responsible maintenance and management of InSync.

Topics covered during the course:

  • Security
  • Personnel
  • InSync Data Model
  • Data Exchange Model
  • ADHOC Module
  • Batch Process Module
  • Vault/Launch Module